Mergers & Acquisitions

Company Divestiture

Do you want to resolve succession issues for your company by selling or open up new markets and target groups through the involvement of investors?

Company Acquisition

Do you want to improve your company's market position though purchasing other companies or holdings in other companies?

Regardless of whether a company sale, company acquisition or investment is planned: Such a transaction generally requires one of the most important decisions in the life of the owners and prospective buyers. The consequences of these decisions are significant for all parties concerned.

It is therefore crucial to be able to confide in professional consultants with experience in this field. To organise the transfer of company shares successfully and obtain a satisfactory purchase price, it is crucial to prepare and carry out the company sale or acquisition strategically. We will support you from gauging interest by means of responses and negotiations with the potential partners through to signing of the contract.

Recognising and overcoming "crunchpoints".
Based on our market experience, we are familiar with the key factors for success in a business transaction:

Qualified investor and partner search
We will search for potential buyers or takeover candidates for your company. Closely related companies and/or competitors, equity investment companies
or MBI-MBO candidates (management buy in/out) shall be approached with the utmost discretion. The crucial thing here is not the assets of the company in question but a qualified preselection in order to ultimately find the best possible
partner for your company.

Realistic Company Evaluation
We will assess your own company or that to be acquired. In our experience, the evaluation method used (discounted cash flow, net value, net asset value) is far less crucial to the success of a business transaction than determining a realistic company value that is also comprehensible to third parties. A company
evaluation should therefore always be a starting point for negotiations, even when the attainable purchase price differs from the ultimate evaluation.

Purposeful negotiations and practicable contract drafting
We will carry out comprehensive negotiations for you with potential partners regarding the purchase price and questions of detail during the takeover of shares or assets and obligations.
We support buyers in due diligence and in matters concerning financing and public support. For vendors we implement purchase price maximisation and ensure company preservation, even in the case of internal family transfers. Here again what is required in theory is less crucial than what can be negotiated with the parties and implemented within reasonable time.

Contact us - we will happily explain our activities, the individual steps and timescales involved in a personal consultation.

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